Monroe Den Roller Skating Rink

1506 31st Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566   -   (608) 325-2534

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I was very impressed with this skating place. It was very clean, skates were taken care of and the staff were great. They played all kinds of music so everyone could enjoy. It was well worth the hour it took to get there. planning alot more trips in future. Thanks for a great experience!

Kriss Marion reviewed The Monroe Den — 5 star

I LOVE this place! A hidden gem on the outside of town in Monroe. It is everything we love about small town living - cozy, kitschy, full of people you know and lots of smiles and goofiness. Gotta see it to believe it.

Kate Whitty Horgen reviewed The Monroe Den — 4 star

Great time with 6 little girls. The staff was very nice and did a great job of helping out the kids. I would've liked to see more games, but overall a great experience. The girls LOVED it.... thank you!